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Psionics are innate magical powers which can be activated by an individual to perceive or effect themselves, others, or the world around them in unnatural ways. Persons showing these powers are often treated with even more suspicion or fear than sorcerers, as they seem to directly challenge the divine as the true source of magic. In some cultures these powers are seen as blessings from the gods, or evidence of demi-godhood.


Some people are born with nascent psychic abilities covering a wide range of possible effects. These talents usually remain dormant and never manifest, but in cases of determined effort they can be activated. Sometimes these talents self-manifest during times of great stress.


The triggering of a psionic power is usually a matter of intent and focused will on the part of the psychic. Using these magical abilities is physically exhausting, and can sometimes fail, causing wild results, or psionic blindness in the user, leaving them unable to access their abilities for a period of time.
Some talents are subject to passive triggering when the psychic encountered specific conditions. The powers which trigger in this manner are usually of a sensory nature.


Use of psychic powers requires concentration, focus, and is physically draining. Some talents require more effort and energy than others, and success is not guaranteed.
When a psychic fails to successfully invoke their powers they may still feel fatigued by the effort. In extreme cases the power can suffer a catastrophic failure, wherein the power works chaotically, possibly targeting the wrong subject, or generating unintended results. Is such cases the psychic may also suffer psionic blindness in which they lose access to all of their psionic powers for a time. As well, the drain on their energy is greater and may induce fainting, shock, or brief comas.

Psionic Paths

Efforts by arcanists to codify the effects have discovered sets of related powers called Talents and categorized them into paths based on the nature of how the power affects the world, or other beings. There seems to be no predicable pattern to which paths an individual might possess. Being gifted in a path allows one to utilize all the talents within that path. Some exceptional psychics have managed to develop additional unique talents in the paths they have, but such discoveries take decades of study and practice to achieve.


Other Names
Augury, Omen, Fatalism, Shioact (Waejir)
Augury deals with fate, chance, luck and other such phenomena. Those whom possess this path may sense and manipulate the interconnectedness of events. Some talents of this path are subject to passive triggering in the presence of sufficiently strong stimuli.
Psionic Episodes
A kind of passive triggering of the sense of danger. Violent dreams and/or nightmares about loved ones dying or having severe difficulties are also common. The character and/or companions have unusual spells of good (or more likely bad) luck.


The ability to determine the fate of a group, person, or item. The invoker focuses on the subject of inquiry and then enters a meditative trance for several hours, during which a prescient vision occurs concerning the subject. Normally, the invoker lacks control over the vision, but with greater skill it is sometimes possible to direct the inquiry somewhat. Prescience can only reveal likely future events; the future may be altered.
Danger Sense
An attempt to assess danger in a specific location. The invoker enters a trance for about a minute. This talent is subject to passive triggering if a significant or imminent danger is present.
Sometimes called the evil eye, hexing is the ability to curse a victim, causing them to have bad luck.
Chain of Events
By observing a scene for several minutes the psychic can attempt to predict a sequence of up to a dozen events, which if set into motion will likely bring about a desired outcome. The steps along the chain will be co-incidental happenstances. eg. A person steps to the left to avoid an obstacle; causing another person to stumble into a cart; knocking loose a cabbage; which then rolls across the street; knocking over a broom; which then falls against a lantern knocking it to the ground on a pile of straw; which then ignites, starting a fire. Seeing the correct sequence doesn't cause the outcome to occur, but taking action to begin the chain may.


Other Names
Aenistiact (Waejir), Bonding, Enslavement
This path enables the psychic to manipulate and control others through force of will. Most of these powers require eye contact between the user and their selected target.
Psionic Episodes
Headaches in nearby persons, sudden dizziness.


A psionic talent to exert subtle influence on the mind of another person. In order to invoke the talent successfully, eye contact between the invoker and their intended target is necessary, but only for a momentary glance. If successful the target becomes more agreeable to suggestions or requests made by the invoker.
Mind Shackle
This talent forgoes the subtlety of charm for the brute force of control over the target's actions. Control, once established, lasts for several seconds, and requires constant verbal direction from the talent user. If the victim is unable to hear or understand the psychic, or incapable of performing the ordered action, they will do nothing.
This talent creates a mental link between the user and the target, allowing improved targeting for further use of psychic powers. An established tether has a duration of several days. This power may also be used to break an existing tether by targeting either the original invoker or their target. An existing tether allows a limited empathy between both parties. Strong emotions and sense of well-being is shared over the link, causing shifts in the others emotional state, or false pain and sensations.
This talent allows the invoker to send a call out to any tethered individual they have bonded. The target feels a compulsion to seek out the psychic in person and has a general sense of the direction and distance to the caller.


Other Names
Cloaking, Iasen (Waejir)
The path of cloaking deals with stealth, misdirection and manipulation of the senses. Practitioners can impede others perception to the point of ignoring or overlooking the psychics presence even in crowded rooms.
Psionic Episodes
Being frequently ignored, overlooked or forgotten. Sense of emptiness and disconnection with others socially. Dismorphia, not recognizing oneself in mirrors or artistic renderings.


Shadow Dance
The Psychic can force others to sub-consciously ignore clues to his/her presence when this power is active, allowing one a greater chance of being overlooked, or passing undetected.
Numb Sense
The psychic can deaden any single sense (Eyesight, Hearing, Smell/Taste, Touch) in a target rendering them somewhat helpless.
Veiled Face
The psychic can effectively blur their features such that any one viewing them will be unable to correctly recall the talent user's appearance. The effect is subtle, and while interaction with the user takes place they seem generic and unremarkable. The true memories do not return after the power's duration expires.
Iron Mind
The psychic may utilize this talent to reduce their body language and emotions, making their intentions difficult to read or predict. Successful use will even give the user some protection against having their mind read via magic or psychic means.


Other Names
Aeromancy, Ufeact - Air Magic (Waejir)
Aquamancy, Ulelact - Water Magic (Waejir)
Geomancy, Stuzaeact - Earth Magic (Waejir)
Pyromancy, Guact - Fire Magic (Waejir)
The four known paths of Elementalism allow one to manipulate the elemental forces of the universe to great effect. Every practitioner of this path focuses on a single element of the standard four (Earth, Fire, Air, Water), and this path may exist in all four forms within one psychic. The sensory powers within this path are subject to passive triggering in the presence of strong phenomena.
Psionic Episodes
Small amounts of material being created; Sense of affinity with certain elements.


Elemental Sense
Successful invocation of this talent will give the user special knowledge about an object composed mostly of the specific element. Volume, composition, special properties and other details may be ascertained.
Create Element
This talent allows the user to summon into existence a portion of the specific element. Volume created is a few cubic feet, and the invoker has limited control over the dimensions occupied by the created element. Once created, the element will become subject to normal physical laws - Earth will maintain shape and weight based on its composition, Fire requires fuel to continue existing, gases may disperse, liquids will flow away if not contained.
Control Elemental
User may attempt to command an elemental creature. A successful invocation allows a mental conflict between user and target elemental. If the user wins the mental conflict, then the elemental is forced to obey simple commands from the talent user for a few minutes. After which time the elemental is freed to act how they wish. User may only hold control over a single elemental at a time.
Element Meld
This talent permits the user to safely immerse themselves and freely pass through any volume of the specific element without suffering ill effects, however once the duration expires the user will again suffer any negative effects if still in contact, or enclosed by the element. The user has neutral buoyancy within the element; as such movement within the element can be in any direction. When completely immersed the user is indistinguishable from the base material and can not be targeted by physical attacks except by enchanted weapons, or magic. Sufficient disruption or damage to the base material may force the talent user to surface, or exit prematurely.


Other Names
Etherealism, Graecaiact (Waejir), Ghost Walking
This psionic path allows interaction with ethereal beings and even transcendence beyond the physical limitations of the flesh, at least temporarily. Those whom possess this path are often well versed in the ways of ethereal beings, at least more so than most normal folk. Extensive use of this talent may draw the attention of nearby ethereal beings, whether intentional or not.
Psionic Episodes
Dreams of floating through space, various altered mental states, Jamais vu, lightheadedness, peculiar shivers, dizziness, or a feeling of being watched. The dim perception of ghosts here and there, a dread of graveyards, hearing voices, etc.


The ability to detach the ethereal spirit from the body, which is left in a state of metabolic suspension. The disembodied spirit is referred to as an astral entity. It is difficult to remain in a disembodied state for long. The talent lasts for only a few minutes, after which the astral entity instantly returns to its body, even if it does not want to return. Disembodiment is achieved by making ones body very relaxed, somewhat similar to how one falls asleep. The time needed to invoke the talent is usually only a few minutes.
this talent may be used in one of three ways.
  • Communion - The invoker is able to clearly perceive and communicate, for a few minutes, with any ethereal being within sight range.
  • Summon - An attempt to summon an ethereal currently perceived by the invoker, or whose true name is known.
  • Control - An attempt to command an ethereal the invoker has summoned. doing so may involve a battle of wills between the invoker and the ethereal being they wish to command. Some exceptionally powerful ethereal entities are beyond the ability of a mortal to control.
The invoker may attempt to posses the body of a target as though they were an ethereal being. The talent user's body will be left in metabolic suspension while their spirit is elsewhere. Even if successfully invoked, the psychic must still best the target in a battle of wills to achieve control over their physical form.


Other Names
Healing, Laying of Hands, Meact (Waejir)
The path of healing allows one to diagnose and manipulate the healing of injuries suffered by others. All of the powers of Healing require skin to skin contact between the healer and their patient. These talents may not be used on ones own injuries.
Psionic Episodes
Moments of empathy with others; feeling the pain of others.


The healer may diagnose a patient's mental and physical well-being.
The healer may attempt to restore a patient's physical energy, or prevent exhaustion from overwork.
Halt Blood Loss
The healer may attempt to halt the flow of blood, from a single bleeding injury.
Hasten Healing
The healer may attempt to speed up the rate of healing for the injury. If successful the healing rate of the injury is improved and tissues knit faster than normal.


Other Names
Lacuna, Spatialism, Triact (Waejir)
The psychic path of Lacuna allows one to detect and manipulate space, and the relation between objects and the space around them. Some sensory talents in this path are subject to passive triggering in the presence of strong stimuli.
Psionic Episodes
Missing, or misplaced objects, vertigo, clumsiness.


Sense Space
Successful invocation of this talent will reveal spatial anomalies, and details about nearby spatial zones outside of normal sensory range. eg. Determining the dimensions of a room beyond a locked door. A reasonable estimate of distance, and dimensions (height, width, depth) of a nearby space is discovered.
Twist Space
This talent allows the user to fold, bend, stretch and manipulate the spatial relations within a short range of their person. The range of possible effects of this power is quite large. Feats such as shrinking, or stretching the apparent distance between to objects; Curving the path of a missile to arc back on its origin; creating a bubble outside of normal space; or even widening a gap in bars enough to allow passage are all possible.
The user of this talent may relocate themselves, or any object or entity they are touching a short distance, so long as they can detect the arrival point. The transference is instantaneous, but momentum is maintained, should the target or destination be in motion.
User may open a temporary spatial rift connecting two locales. User must have been present at, and reasonably familiar both locations sometime prior to establishing the gate. Remote scrying or astral visitation can sometime suffice. While the gate is maintained, any volume of material may be swapped in either direction. Effects upon objects or entities caught crossing when duration expires can be disastrous and most likely fatal for living things. Gates seldom remain open for more than a minute.


Other Names
Antimagic, Nihilism, Nulling, Satact (Waejir)
The psychic path of Nulling allows one to detect, and manipulate the magical or psychic energies of others. Some talents are subject to passive triggering, and will activate when the psychic encounters psychic or magical phenomena. In these instances, the psychic is not necessarily aware.
Psionic Episodes
Odd sensations or physiological responses in the presence of psychic or magical phenomena; Spells or psychic effects have minor altered results when psychic is nearby.


This power allows one to detect the presence of active psychic or magical effects within a short range.
This talent allows one to redirect the target for one active psychic power in the area. The talent user must be aware of the power to be redirected, and it must be currently active.
This power attempts to negate another psychic's use of a talent, or a spell casting by diffusing its energy uniformly. Any magic or psionics entering or within the field are affected. As this field requires concentration to maintain, therefore the user is limited to simple activities like walking.
Wyrd Harvest
The user of this talent may attempt to reduce their accumulated fatigue by draining the energy from another creature. Targets of this draining can fall into shock or unconsciousness.


Other Names
Areiact (Waejir), Mirage, Phantasm, Illusion
The path of phantasm deals with illusion, and the creation of false realities. In all cases, the created illusion may be broken if an observer is alert to discrepencies. Interactions with the illusions which violate the expected reality will instantly dispel the effect.
Psionic Episodes
Dizziness, disorientation, confusion, headaches, blurred vision, numbed senses, false sensations, smells, tastes or mirage-like hallucinations can also occur to Psychic or those nearby.


Lying Senses
This talent allows a sensory illusion which alters, but cannot fully replace objects in the the real world. Adding or removing a few minor details is possible, but whole objects or entities cannot be created or removed. eg. The colour and texture of a article of clothing could be altered, but its fundamental shape, and material could not.
False Object
A complete object of up to 1 cubic foot in volume may be generated with this talent. It first appears to be held by the psychic, and may be set upon any solid surface. Any person may pick up and attempt to utilize the object. The false object is unable to affect the real world, as it has no substance, and inanimate objects have no senses to be mislead by the illusion.
Mask the Living
A living creature (plant or animal) may be masked with this talent. Its overall appearance may be changed significantly, but size and weight must remain +/- 50% of actual. The talent gives no control over the actions of the creature so masked, which can lead to the illusion being shattered, by inappropriate actions. The psychic may target themselves, changing how they sound and appear to others.
False World
With this talent a complete illusion is possible, but only for one person. A single target may be affected with a full sensory illusion which alters an area hundreds of feet in diameter. Within the boundary of the illusion the victim cannot freely disbelieve the illusion, they will not see or interact with others who do not exist within the illusion. Such a victim is liable to injury if the terrain they perceive is sufficiently different than the real world, however and tripping or falling over obstacles may be sufficient to force disbelief.


Other Names
Ilantact (Waejir), Projection, Psyche
The path of Psyche allows the manipulation of mental energy and thoughts.
Psionic Episodes
Devastating headaches, dizziness, etc. for the character or innocent bystanders. Sharing dreams is very common. Broadcast of thought or emotion to nearby people can also occur.


Mental Bolt
The ability to project a blast of mental energy at a single mind within several yards and line of sight. If successful the target to feel fatigued, sudden head pain, and may drop unconscious.
Residual Impressions
Successful invocation of this talent allows the invoker to record an impression upon the target object, for later retrieval through the talent of Psionics#Psychometry or by similar means. The talent is invoked by concentrating on specific thought/emotion for several seconds, while touching or holding the object. The impression may be of any desired emotion or single thought, and the identity of the invoker will be clear to anyone capable of reading the impressions.
The power to transmit thoughts or emotions to the mind of another individual. Transmission range is a few leagues, but clarity diminishes with range. The talent is invoked by concentrating on the target and thought/emotion for a few seconds. The recipient's location does not need to be known by the invoker. Someone who receives an emotion will feel it—this can have an interesting effect. If a person with the #Sensitivity talent is near the target or the invoker at the time of transmission, they might receive the transmission along with, or instead of, the intended target.
Dream Walk
Through use of this talent the invoker may enter the dreams of a sleeping target. This link is achieved by making ones body very relaxed, somewhat similar to how one falls asleep. The time needed to invoke the talent is several minutes. While inside the shared dream-state, the psychic is unaware of their real surroundings, and does not respond to mild external stimuli. This link is maintained until the dream-state ends or nearly an hour passes, whichever is shorter.


Other Names
Grazact (Waejir), Prana, Resonance
The path of resonance focuses on the use of vibrational energy and motion to create confusion and disarray in others.
Psionic Episodes
Random persons dazed when touched, bouts of confusion for psychic; bursts of speed, or heightened initiative; objects break when touched; occasional inexplicable minor injuries to hands.


Successful use of this talent increases the impact of the users next melee strike, while they hit harder, the effect also blunts the blow, so blades, or points do not slice or pierce.
This talent requires one to touch the intended target. Successful use of this talent distracts and confuses ones opponent, such that they cannot act for a short time and briefly stand dumbstruck ignoring everything around them.
Successful use of this talent allows one to move two to three times as fast as normal for a brief duration.
By starting a cascading vibration within a solid object, successful use of this talent allows one to destroy items struck with the users next hand or melee weapon strike. If armour is struck, or the attack is successfully blocked, any inanimate object struck may shatter, becoming useless.


Other Names
Nemuact (Waejir), Sensing, Spirit Sight
This psionic path enables one to perceive and read emotions and remote locations or persons. Some talents of this path are subject to passive triggering in the presence of sufficiently strong stimuli.
Psionic Episodes
Vivid dreams of faraway people and things. Dizziness, disorientation, confusion, headaches, sleepwalking, blurred vision, or mirage-like hallucinations can also occur. Feelings of Jamais vu in connection with various objects are common.


Aura Reading
This talent enables the invoker to read the aura's or living things through observation with some or all of their senses. Successful invocation will reveal information about the target's emotional state, and spiritual nature. Strong emotions, extreme morality, or high strong spirits may cause passive triggering of this talent. The sort of information available to the talent user includes: Natural state of entity; Current emotional state; Relative morality; Possessing non-native vice native spirit.
The ability to divine information about persons by touching an object with which they have been in contact. Strong impressions on an object may passively trigger this talent. Psychometry requires the invoker to hold the object and enter a trance for a few minutes. Psychometry is most often used to divine the age or history of an object, the identity of the object's maker or owners, magical/divine powers, etc. Another use is to determine a person’s location. Psychometry can never be used to divine the future.
The ability to visualize events currently occurring at a remote location. A target may sense the attention of a clairvoyant Clairvoyance may be used in either of two ways:
  • Near - The clairvoyant enters a trance for a few seconds to transfer their point of perception to a location up to several yards away. The location must be familiar to the clairvoyant.
  • Far - The clairvoyant enters a trance for several minutes and attempts to focus on a specific, remote person or object whose location may not be known. The clairvoyant does this by visualizing the person’s face or the object. There are no range restrictions. Success only conveys visual information.


Other names
Somatics, Dreact (Waejir)
The psychic path of Somatics deals with the control and manipulation of one's own body functions. Effects are generally subtle and within the realm of possibility for the physiology of the psychic possessing the talents.
Psionic Episodes
Coma-like sleeps; Bouts of increased/decreased sensory acuity, strength or agility; Numbness, or loss of pain response to stimuli are all common.


Altered Senses
With this talent the psychic may temporarily improve a single sense (Hearing, Eyesight, Smell/Taste, or Touch) for a short duration, allowing much better detection of details that might otherwise be missed. The targeted sense is enhanced for a few minutes duration. Once the effect ends the affected sense is temporarily reduced by an equivalent for an equal duration.
Altered Physique
This talent affects the physical body of the psychic, temporarily shifting their physical form and acuity. Attributes such as Strength, Stamina, Dexterity, or Agility may be shifted, increasing one at the expense of the other. The change lasts for a few minutes at best.
Beyond Pain
This talent focuses on mind over matter, allowing the invoker to ignore the pain of injuries in order to continue unimpeded. When the power ends, the psychic may experience shock as the pain from all their accumulated injuries washes over their nerves.
When invoked this talent allows the user to suspend most body functions, reducing their need for air, food and water to minute amounts. In theory a practised user could exist in this torpid state for extreme lengths. The user's senses are ineffective during the hibernation so they do not react to external stimuli. While in this suspended state, the user's body is still subject to external threats from the environment, and any injury suffered will force them to awaken.


Other Names
Shioriact (Waejir), Telekinesis
The path of Telekinesis allows one to manipulate the forces acting on an object, thereby remotely moving, and manipulating objects at a distance.
Psionic Episodes
Knocking over or pulling objects when emotions run high; Feelings of floating; Manipulation of objects just beyond reach.


The user may direct a shoving force against any entity or object within range, which they can detect with their senses. Effect of this force depends on the mass affected, and whether it is secured or anchored. The application of this talent is imprecise, and may not be focused upon specific parts of the target. Small objects can be given significant velocity through use of this talent, effectively throwing them.
Grasping Hand
The user exercises finer control over a object, allowing it to be manipulated as though held in one hand. Melee weapons could be employed remotely through use of this talent, but user suffers from any one hand, and off hand penalties as applicable. Any object up to a few pounds in weight may be manipulated effectively. The user must still be able to detect the target object, and observe it throughout the action.
The talent user projects an invisible lenticular shield in any facing they chose. Once placed, the shield may not be moved, or re-oriented. The shield measures a few feet in diameter and will deflect any incoming debris or missiles which make contact. Melee strikes may be able to penetrate the shield but are slowed, which reduces their effective impact. Only one shield may exist at a time.
The psychic may lift, manoeuvre and manipulate their own person using this talent to effectively fly.



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