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The Author

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Born in 1972 at Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Sebastian Romu spent most of his childhood exploring the wilderness of North Western Ontario surrounding his family's rural farm. This gave him a deep appreciation for the natural world, ecosystems, plants, animals, and how they all fit together. His favourite pastime as a child was building and telling stories with his ever growing LEGO collection, and continued when he was introduced to table-top role-playing games. These mediums, combined with an appetite for reading fantasy and science fiction novels, sparked his interest in telling stories, which later became a interest in writing. His interest in arts and crafts was encouraged by his grandmother. Worldbuilding was the natural result of all his hobbies and interests when taken together.

Sebastian currently resides in Kingston, Ontario, Canada where he is an active member of the Live-Action Role-Playing community. He also runs Hârnmaster Roleplaying campaigns set in the World of Entorais.