Päbrüthäna hyRylava

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Päbrüthäna hyRylava // Pelyrakna
Title(s) and Rank(s)
Inquisitor / Priest


52 years old, (750 YG -- )
1.73 metres (5 feet, 8 inches)
Medium, 69.4 kilograms (153 pounds)
Päbrüthäna has grey eyes and grey hair he keeps short cropped. He wears a trimmed beard, and has a pronounced beak-like nose. He dresses according to his order, with cloak, robes and surcoat in red, and carries a bastard sword and round shield when duty requires.


Päbrüthäna is a man full of life, with a keen wit, and an even temper. He can seem a bit zealous in the pursuit of his duties, but his record speaks for itself. He has earned the respect of his peers, and has no scandals marring his reputation within the church. When his soul twin is active, Päbrüthäna retains only vague memories of his actions during those times.
Pelyrakna is strong willed, and even obstinate when challenged on matters of church dogma. Although he knows enough to curb his more aggressive desires, he has slipped and gotten physical with subordinates within the church on more than one occasion. Pelyrakna has access to the full memories of his host, and uses this knowledge to keep up appearances.


Ködah, Kythus
Päbrüthäna was born the second son of a nobleman from a small manor near Ködah. He was fostered with his uncle, and had little connection to his birth parents throughout his childhood. He took to the cloth at fourteen years of age, as is typical for the second son of noble families. Showing a zeal for the faith, he was encouraged to join the Seven Sorrows early in his career, and he has risen to significant rank within the order. He now travells about Kythus investigating rumours of heresy and other threats to the church's interests. He is accompanied by Baleva, a younger priestess, whom he has taken to mentoring, as his potential replacement when he gets old enough to retire.
Päbrüthäna is a moderately capable psychic with talents in the paths of Air Elementalism, Healing, Psyche. and Sensing. He sees these abilities as a gift from the Twinned Goddess, but acknowledges that many of his peers do not, so he is careful about revealing his powers. His subordinate, Baleva, is aware that he has some psychic powers, but does not know the full extent of his abilities.
Soul Twin
Päbrüthäna has a soul twin who goes by the name of Pelyrakna. He sees this entity as a personal demon with whom he struggles, but since his twins activities have yet damage his reputation or risk his position he has kept this struggle to himself, doubting that he would be allowed to remain within the order if the truth came out publicly. Pelyrakna's presence is the result of a ritual performed upon the cleric by a priest of Mintaka during his youth. A second soul was joined to his body, and will emerge from time to time to pursue its own agenda. To date Pelyrakna has worked within the church of Rylava, and has fooled most of his fellow clergy, who remain unaware of his existence.


Baleva hyRylava (priest of Rylava)
Këlüna hyRylava (priest of Rylava)
Pagöna hyRylava (priest of Rylava)


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