Seven Sorrows

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Seven Sorrows
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Religious Order
According to the teachings of the church of Ryla, the Goddess was stricken with seven sorrows for the evils of the Treahni: Deceit, Excess, Jealousy, Murder, Rape, Theft, and Vanity. All sins according to the church fall under one of these seven. The only behaviour that might qualify as unforgivable is heresy or atheism. Denying the existence of a known goddess is unfathomable to the followers of The Goddess.
Believing in other gods is less wrong compared to godlessness, but still sinful in the eyes of the church.
The clerical Order of the Seven Sorrows operates out of Ködah Castle, a hold granted by Sköharna III of Kythus in 364 YG. This holy order, whose symbol is seven crystal tears falling from the sky, sponsors the Spear of Lament fighting order. This group is the closest thing to an 'Inquisition' within the cultures and nations whom worship The Twinned Goddess.




Baleva hyRylava (priest of Rylava)
Päbrüthäna hyRylava (priest of Rylava)


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