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Have Dalfyn been killed by their hinta, or another hinta, yes. As to the necessity of such an act I cannot say. It is one of our greatest sins. The Dalfyn guide and nurture the very souls of our people. to conceive of someone willingly breaking that covenant is abhorrent to our very nature. Sildaryn believe life is sacred, and should never kill unnecessarily. That being said if a fellow Dalfyn was such an extreme danger to our people, or the forest we all depend upon, it is possible that only their death would stop them. However there are many less final options to consider first.


Other Names
Religious and Esoteric order
The Dalfyn are the spiritual advisors to the Sildaryn peoples, they guide and nurture the members of their hinta in matters of morality and faith. The role of the Dalfyn is so important to the daily lives of the Sildaryn, that entire hintas will defend their Dalfyn with their lives if necessary.


The Dalfyn have been part of the Sildaryn culture for so long that the origins of the group is lost to myth and legend. The mythic figure Neelam is attributed as one of the first Dalfyn in their oldest stories.


Religious Leadership
The Dalfyn fill the role of religious leaders within their community. The give advice to individuals regarding the proper moral choices according to their faith. They guide and instruct the young Sildaryn in learning to live in harmony with their forest home. They work to maintain and restore balance in the natural order.
The Dalfyn practice spellsinging through communion with various spirits of the forest as a way of enacting magical aid to help their hintas. The origins of the ability are lost to myth, but are considered a blessed reward for the Sildaryn way of living in harmony with their environment.
The Dalfyn collect and share the history of their people through an oral tradition of storytelling. Many of the stories told to young Sildaryn are part religious parables and part biographical tales of their earliest ancestors. The trials and tribulations of those times are retold in many ways to instill virtues in the next generation of Sildaryn, as well as to share a sense of mutual belonging amongst the many scattered tribes of the forest.



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