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Qulani are the least populous sub-species of Treahni. The Qulani people live predominantly in vast underground warrens built within the heart of mountains. Most Qulani are uncomfortable in open spaces without overhead cover, but they can live above ground for an extended duration, if it is deemed necessary.

General Appearance

Pale, greyish skin tones
Grey, White, Silver
Dark brown or Black, rarely violet or red.
The harsh living conditions underground have warped the Qulani physically Qulani have sparse hair, Heavy lidded eyes, large slightly pointed ears with attached lobes. Their fingers and toes are elongated, as are their limbs. They have thin bodies with rough calloused pads, similar to a heel, at their primary joints - ankles, knees, hips, elbows, wrists and shoulders.


1.6 - 2.1 metres (5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 11 inches)
Scant to Light


1.6 - 2.1 metres (5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 11 inches)
Scant to Light


Qulani originated from surface dwelling Treahni ancestors, whom retreated underground to avoid the aftermath and fallout from the God Wars. Those that survived, adapted and changed to match the conditions of their new homes.
Persons ignorant of their biology, have come to believe that Qulani are hatched from inside of large geodes mined from deep under their mountain homes. While the Qulani may say nothing to counter such bizarre claims, the truth is they reproduce sexually through live birthing, just like the other sentient sub-species of Treahni.

Primary Culture

Qulani have there own culture, but where they live mingled or near surface dwelling Treahni, they will sometimes adopt aspects of the local culture. Most notably, they have a communal culture with little concern for personal property.
They have evolved a heavy dependency on tactile communication (given reduced visual cues), and tend to touch each others faces, while speaking in soft, low tones. This can be very disconcerting to outsiders who are unfamiliar with such behabviour.

Ethnic Sub-Groups

There are two known subgroups of Qulani, separated by the geographic regions they call home.

Darlom Qulani

The majority of the Qulani populace of Entorais resides throughout the length of the Darlom Mountains.
Distinctive Features
Darlom Qulani are the majority and match the above physical description.
Geographic Distribution
Darlom Mountains, and some non-mountain communities throughout Kythus and Corinthea.

Sildar Qulani

A splinter group of Qulani whom migrated eastward across Anexea to settle in the Sildar Mountains.
Distinctive Features
Pallid, but slightly pink complexion. The Sildar Qulani have a much smaller stature being 30-45 centimetres (12-18 inches) shorter on average.
Geographic Distribution
The Sildar Mountains in the North-East portion of Anexea. A small community of these people live in the Isk Archipelago, on Ra Hiem beneath Shar Bol in particular.


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