God Wars

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An legendary period of history during which the earliest gods fought with forces of evil to protect the world, and the people living on it. As a result of this war


The Gods swore to protect the various peoples of the world if they held faith with the gods. And sang to them in worship and prayer. These Treahni - Protected Ones survived the aftermath of the God Wars, thriving and repopulating the world. Which is seen as promised reward for keeping the faith.


There are references in religious texts to archangels being a kind of guardian of the heavens. According to the legends they formed a last line of defence during the god wars, striking down demons with spears of holy light, they held the line. They were giants, clad in silver armour, and fearsome warriors who never tired.
When an archangel fell in battle, it would descend from the heavens trailing fire and explode with devastating effect upon impact, leaving a large crater full of ash, and molten rock.
Some legends even claim that people would search for these sites and defile the holy remains of the fallen archangel cutting its still beating heart from its breast, to fuel powerful magic. Their flesh and bones used to craft unholy golems or homunculi, and the blessed steel from their armour would be melted down and reforged to make weapons of incredible strength and durability.
The Gods Wars were several millennia ago, so as far as anyone knows, there are no more archangels, or what few remain are still in the heavens watching and waiting should the demon armies return.


The demons which attacked during the god wars released unholy creatures upon the world. Some of these creatures or their progeny still exist in dark and wild places, and continue to plague Treahni.
It is generally accepted that some demons survived the God Wars and while weakened by the battle, are still capable of influencing the world and people through dark magic, curses, disease and sickness. Almost any calamity that belies explanation may be attributed to demonic forces.
Some even believe that witches consort with demons to gain magical powers, which they use to entrap otherwise pious souls to feed to their infernal masters. Whether true or not, this belief has lead to the general distrust of persons with magical abilities, and many have been killed because of such fear and superstition.


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