Isk Archipelago

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Isk Archipelago, The Hiems (Iskander)
A chain of rocky islands formed from volcanic activity. There are eighteen major islands, and countless smaller ones, claimed in their entirety by the Nation of Iskander. The terrain of the islands is a blend of mixed and needle-leaf forest, heath, alpine meadows, and rocky scrub, dotted with numerous small lakes, streams and rivers. Some islands in the chain have increased levels of volcanic or geothermal activity, most notably Ra Hiem and Tor Hiem.


North-Central Torcastan Sea.

Constituent Islands

The eighteen major islands, listed in alphabetical order, are:


The archipelago was originally colonized by groups of tribal peoples descendant from the Imperials whom formed the Domic culture.
Around 134 YG the Empire of Krolar conquered the islands and established a colonial presence.
Between 263-276 YG the populous of the islands rebelled against Krolar and won independence, forming the Nation of Iskander.


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