Crown of Kythus

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When Kythus united under a single ruler, the existing chieftains of the largest clans all contributed their golden armlets to the casting of the crown.


A single heavy golden circlet, with nine vertical spear points raised at the front; each representing one of the original clans. Centred at the front are a pair of crescents touching back to back, one in rose gold and other in white gold, representing the Twinned Goddess.


Aside from being the symbolic of the right to rule all of Kythus the crown is not attributed with any powers.


When not worn by the Üprewyna the crown is stored on display in the royal chapel at Thaflat Pelabyger HyMojres in Mojres, Kythus.


Duncana II (current ruling Üprewyna of Kythus)
Sköharna (founding Üprewyna of Kythus)


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