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Other Names
Brëathapäpysë - Oathcup (Kythus)
When Sköharna I was crowned he insisted that the other great chiefs swear fealty to him. In addition to the smelting of their gold circlets to make his crown they each contributed a copper armlet to the crafting of a great cup, from which they all drank. The original royal cup has since been replaced, and a new royal cup is crafted for each subsequent monarch's coronation. The Brëathapäpysë or "Oathcup" is an important symbol of loyalty and adherence to the noble practice of vassalage and sub-infeudination.
It is now tradition in Kythus to drink pure water from a copper cup when swearing an oath of loyalty. Most Nobles of import possess a unique copper vessel explicitly for this purpose.


Oath cups are always made from copper, but may incorporate additional materials in the design. Each such cup is a unique object singularly crafted explicitly for the purpose of oath swearing.


Other than the symbolic importance as a act of loyalty and vassalage, these objects have no other powers.


Oathcups of various designs and value, are a common inclusion in the personal treasure of any noble landholder in Kythus.


Sköharna (founding Üprewyna of Kythus)


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