Arögoth hyVykrupelabüsnu

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The door to the Inn swung open, and a sodden figure ducked inside to escape the heavy rain. He shook the excess water from his dark green cloak and removed a plumed helm as he approached the bar.

The barman drew a foamy mug of red beer, and set it down before the latest patron. "What brings a Ranger inside on a lovely night like this?", asked the barman.

Exchanging a firm handshake the ranger replied, "Where else can a thirsty man get a warm mug of piss in these parts?"


Other Names
Arögoth hyVykrupelabüsnu (Kythus) / Rangers of Arögoth
Fighting Order
The Arögoth hyVykrupelabüsnu, or Rangers of Arögoth, are known for their green cloaks and plumed helms. Bands of these warriors patrol the mountainous border between Kythus and its eastern neighbours. Partly mercenary, partly paid by the crown, they are welcome in any hold along the verge. Many will buy a ranger a drink to hear the latest tale, or news from their travels. Some think they are freeloaders who just wander about telling stories of their great deeds on behalf of the Kingdom. Such persons are usually from more urban and coastal locales who have never seen a Pëlöryk nor witnessed the aftermath of their raids; Anyone who has is grateful for the presence of these border patrolling and vermin exterminating types.
As generalized specialists, the rangers are trained in a mix of melee and ranged weapons, practice small unit tactics, and survival training. They are tasked with patrolling the margins of civilized territory within the nation of Kythus. They primarily exist to provide early detection and eradication of Pëlöryk to prevent a reoccurrence of the wars for survival in the pre-history of the Kythan people. While magical abilities exist and some of these Vykrupelabüsnü might have access to such powers, they are neither the focus of nor common amongst the order.



Üprewyna Cëratna
627 YG
Shortly after he defeated the amassed Pëlöryk tribes within Kythus, Cëratna founded the Arögoth hyVykrupelabüsnu as a means of early detection and elimination of further incursions. The Pëloryk have not returned in anything near the numbers seen at the beginning of his reign, which is attributed to these rangers patrolling the wilder regions and borders of Kythus. he fighting order was originally composed from a number of mendicant knights, without land or title. In more recent years the mix of warriors joining their ranks have grown to include professional soldiers and mercenaries of lower birth.


Balujöna (ranger)
Eseykva (ranger)


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