War That Wasn't

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Other Names
War That Wasn't
In the autumn of 721 YG, Üprewyna Sköharna III of Kythus declared war for a few hours on Kwakwolna, a Wyna in the southern province of Südëa.


Üprewyna Sköharna III of Kythus versus Wyna Kwakwolna.


Inciting Incident
It seems a simple mispronunciation of a single word ('ustö' versus 'ustöh') to a scribe changed the meaning of a single sentence. The letter should have read, "Mamü zalustö mona hypelöfo xö hymona nüpna hypekwat." - "We feel your loss with your son's death." However it actually read, "Mamü zalustöh mona hypelöfo xö hymona nüpna hypekwat." - "We question your loss with your son's death." Sköharna III was enraged by this blatant insult, and ordered his knights assembled, declared the Wyna traitor and began to prepare for immediate and personal retribution.
During the few hours of mobilization, another letter, from the Wyva who was visiting a neighbouring eläwynü at the time, was received by the Üprewyva, Äsputhva. The basic message was the same as the original intent. Realizing this, Äsputhva convinced her husband that it was all a misunderstanding, and perhaps marching to war would be a costly mistake over a single word. Once the hubbub settled, the Üprewyna instead ordered a smaller force to go escort the Wyna back to the capitol for a visit. The incident was forgotten, and as no record of the Üprewyna's edict was scribed, the traitor Wyna was never officially charged with treason, but neither was he absolved of those charges. As the Üprewyna's word is law, regardless of whether a written record is made. Out of embarrassment the Sköharna III spoke no further on the matter, therefore he never rescinded his declaration. He simply ignored that he ever said anything. To formally absolve the Wyna, would mean acknowledging his earlier outburst. In theory someone could have used this against him, but that would mean intentionally embarrassing the Üprewyna, and the one doing so would suffer a worse outcome themselves. As it is, no one did and a few generations have since buried it in history.
After he found out through rumours, Kwakwolna did apologize privately. His scribe was punished for the error by having his right ear was cut off and being released from the Wyna's employ. It is said that Sköharna III and Kwakwolna were the closest of friends, almost brotherly, for the remainder of his reign.



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