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Theurgy is magic centred around rituals and prayers to the divine for invention. In many nations and cultures theurgy is the only acceptable magic, since it comes from the gods, and any magic from other sources is considered blasphemous and sinful.


The principal driving force behind theurgy is faith in a divine being, with the belief that pious individuals of strong faith can beseech their chosen deity for intervention. One can prove their faith through strict adherence to the principles of the religion, regular attendance at ceremonies, and helping the spread of worship of their chosen deity.


Rituals are specific tried and true methods of invoking a particular gods divine powers to achieve specific results. The effects possible through rituals are always aligned to the domain of the particular deity, and will be reasonably consistent every time if the ritual is performed correctly. Rituals are closely guarded secrets within religious hierarchies and often restricted to those of sufficient rank within a particular religion. The more powerful the ritual the higher one's rank needs to be in order to be taught.


Prayers are more generalized requests for protection, guidance, or blessing from one's deity. Individuals who are particularly pious might be granted more unusual or immediate requests. The success of such calls for aid are varied and often result in mixed results.


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