Saynoh (calendar)

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The Saynoh Calander is the default calendar of most cultures and nations.
It is composed of twelve months each synchronized to the phase cycle of the silver moon.
Each month begins on the new moon, and the year begins just before the vernal equinox.

Generic Month Names

  1. Green Grass - Atre-graz
  2. Flowering - Spry-ka
  3. Warming - Vass-ka
  1. The Warm - Tar-Vass
  2. The Dry - Tar-Velt
  3. Cooling - Nule-ka
  1. Second Summer - Tu'od Sohmer
  2. Harvest - Karlech
  3. Rotting - Raht-ka
  1. The Cold - Tar-Nule
  2. Ice - Nulich
  3. Flooding - Juht-ka

Key Dates

1st of the 1st Month
New Year
9th of 1st Month
Spring Equinox
9th of the 4th Month
Summer Solstice
9th of the 7th Month
Autumnal Equinox
9th of the 10th Month
Winter Solstice


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