Greystone Way

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Other Names
Greystone Way
The Greystone Way is a trade route trail that passes through the Darlom Mountains linking the Waejiran town of Aibadur with the Corinthean town of <C-town>. The trail is marked by grey granite monoliths every league, which lend the route its common name.


The route departs from Aibadur following a river valley until it meets the dividing ridge at Greyfort, marking the border between Waejir and Corinthea. The Corinthean portion of the Greystone Way descends from the mountains following a similar river valley until it reaches the town of <C-town>.


Aibadur - Waejiran town at the eastern terminus of the route.
Greyfort - A fortified village of mostly Drolac persons that provides a midway stopover and trading post.
[[<C-town>]] - Corinthean town at the western terminus of the route.


  • Longbridge - A lengthy stone bridge with seven arches spanning a river gorge on the Corinthean portion of the route.


This route was established before the amalgamation of Waejir's Seven Cities, and has provided an important overland link between Waejir and Corinthea throughout its existence. Regular military patrols from both nations work to keep the route clear of obstructions and any threats such as bandits or Pëlöryk.



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