Chapel of the Spring

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The Chapel of Spring is a church dedicated to Pëölüva in the free town of Kemp Hyläböm. It is named after a natural spring which flows from the rock nearby feeding fresh water into a holy fountain.


Kemp Hyläböm, Kythus

Services Provided

Worship Services
The church holds high and low masses on a regular basis as required by the faith.
Spiritual Counsel
The priests of the chapel provide spiritual counsel to those of the faith whom require guidance in their daily lives.
The Church operates a small hospital caring for locals in need, providing medical care in exchange for service to the faith.


High Priest
Master of Healing
Master of Acolytes
Temple Priest
The Chapel of Spring has ten attendant acolytes, who live in the church dormitory.


One of the oldest churches established in Kemp Hyläböm, the original site had a clear flowing spring fed from the river, through underground channels. This spring now feeds a fountain of which the waters are reported to possess minor powers. Locals believe that drinking the waters of the spring can help resist and cure common diseases of the bowels.


Ädwena (apprentice bard)
Äsädana (stablehand)
Atyna (shoemaker)
Äzanüpna Ytrü (glassblower)
Blona (pastry cook)
Dhyna (butcher)
Ekruva (weaver)
Ërüna (woodcarver)
Eseykva Ytrü (child)
Ëthëvna (hatmaker)
Evëplüna (cooper)
Ewa (baker)
Ëzöpüna (plasterer)
Garkäna (mason)
Jekva (pursemaker)
Jelena (cartographer)
Jeprana (lawyer)
Jëtëgna Ytrü (child)
Jëtëgva (bookseller)
Keräva (apprentice tinker)
Kyxödna (locksmith)


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