Kemp Hyläböm (landmark)

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Other Names
Kemp Hyläböm - Kemp's Bluff
A long escarpment which runs north south roughly half way between the Merelean Sea coast and the foot of the Darlom Mountains. The cliff averages one hundred metres in height, and has various stepped ledges in many places. The bluff obstructs most East to West travel, except for a few passable places.


Central Kythus in Karelëa, Estëva, and Tenerëa provinces.


Celvan River - The river which demarcates the border between Karelëa and Estëva provinces. At the location where it drops over the bluff, it forms a twin waterfall.
Black Henge - An ancient stone circle and altar of dark stone located atop an overlook on the escarpment.
Kemp Hyläböm (town) - A Kythan freetown located on a island between a twin waterfall where the Celvan River drops over the bluff. This is one of the most strategic and safe points to ascend or descend the escarpment.
Narn River - The river which demarcates the border between Estëva and Tenerëa provinces. Where it intersects the bluff the river has carved a deep gorge approximately two kilometres in length.


The bluff has always formed a natural border between different clans in the early history of the region before the unification of Kythus. It remains a border limit between various fiefs and domains within the country to date.


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