East Pass (landmark)

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East Pass
Other Names
Zoöcëskup (Kythan)
Fortified Tunnel
A long tunnel which cuts through the Darlom Mountains, linking Kythus with Tabras. This pass is controlled by Qulani whom have toll gates at each end.


Darlom Mountains linking Kythus and Tabras.


The pass which has an above ground trail has been considered the territory of the Qulani for as long as people have used the route. The great gates were constructed somewhere around 300 BG. The Qulani do not patrol the surface very far from the two forts, leaving much of the trail a dangerous gamble, with the possibility of natural hazards like rockfalls, flooding in spring, or even Pëlöryk ambushes.
Most traders will forgo the risks of overpass travel and trade their goods to the Qulani at these posts, whom then carry the wares quite literally through the mountains, where foreign merchants trade in a similar manner. Of course the Qulani themselves may decide to keep a portion of the goods to suit their own needs as well. Transit through the tunnels of the Qulani is an option, however, many surface dwelling Treahni are uncomfortable travelling for days underneath all that stone. The Qulani charge fees based on estimated value of cargo both ways. The choice to pay the toll and tariffs or to trade with the Qulani largely depends on how much of a profit each merchant expects after paying the tolls, including the time and resources spent travelling through to the other side.
Qulani in general tend to undervalue material wealth on an individual basis, so trading with them is easier and often a good deal for merchants either selling or buying. Food, spices, and medicinal herbs are always a welcome, as they have very limited agricultural options. Generally stuff they can't obtain or make themselves is desirable for potential trade. Their communal property cultural norms make small personal items of less trade value. So one might try communal items they can share with each other, like furniture, or pottery but there is no guarantee of a sale.


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