Thaflat Pelabyger HyMojres

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Thaflat Pelabyger HyMojres - Mojres Castle
Other Names
The White Castle
A beautiful tall white keep, with perimeter walls. Some of the more unusual features of Mojres Castle, are the high vaulted ceilings, and flying buttresses. No other strongholds contain such architectural features. The interior halls have double galleries overlooking the main floors, and the stone work is nearly seamless throughout.


Mojres, Kythus
The Kythan royal palace is located in the capitol city of Mojres. The white stone structure overlooks a split fjord which forms the two harbours of Mojres. Sitting high on coastal headland it is surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs and water.


Commissioned by Cëratna shortly after his coronation, the main keep was built over a period of 8 years (312 - 320 YG) and is quite impressive in size and design. Qulani masons were employed in its construction, and no other Kythan stronghold compares in strength, or beauty. The structure is rumoured to contain many secret passages and chambers.


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