Redstone Church

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The Redstone Church is dedicated to Rylava, and is the only such church in the free town of Kemp Hyläböm.


Kemp Hyläböm, Kythus

Services Provided

Worship Services
The church holds high and low masses on a regular basis as required by the faith.
Spiritual Counsel
The priests of the chapel provide spiritual counsel to those of the faith whom require guidance in their daily lives.


Head Priest
Këlüna hyRylava
Master of Archives
Pagöna hyRylava
Master of Acolytes
Temple Priest
The Redstone Church has fourteen attendant acolytes, whom stay in a dormitory attached to the main church building.



Bajeprana (sage)
Cälüna Ethyger (wine merchant)
Drekäva (moneylender)
Ejena Ethyger (councillor/noble)
Ëthëvna Kallëus (alderman)
Gäbgwyvna (furrier)
Gäbna (jeweller)
Gwukva (apothecarist)
Hähna Adhoah (councillor/noble)
Lyfeva Pälëźäpäwru (councillor/noble)
Nelna (bounty hunter)
Penëlana (moneylender)
Qali P'ra (spice merchant)
Tëkana Tröpexule (councillor/noble)
Thäthava (councillor)
Welsëna (noble/merchant)


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