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You brave the evening mist and walk along the cobbled switchback streets of Kemp's Bluff. Passing the upscale taverns: Blue Goose, Three Pence Rest, and Silver Tankard. You seek a livelier crowd than those places cater to.

Finally down at the lower docks, you find a solid oak door with a cracked skull carved in relief. The Grinning Skull, or Kalyva hySoküm to non-locals, the bawdiest, rowdiest, drinking hole in town. Inside you see the usual crowd of fishermen, dockworkers, a few farmers whom decided not to risk the fog-soaked forest and stay the night.

Kalyva the Dwarf nods from behind her ale counter. You slide a silver coin to her and she draws a tankard of the only drink you can afford, stating that the hot meal tonight is tëka stew.

Looking for a seat you decide to join your friend Nölna, the carpenter's apprentice. Politely refusing to join him in a game of tokens, as you watch him sweep his latest winnings from the table. His opponent departs the table with a sour look.

In a dimly lit corner you notice an odd stranger, green plumed helm placed upon his table - an Arogoth Ranger, so far west of the mountains? You wonder where he's headed, and for what reason.

You've spent enough coin here over the years to know the routine, people drink, get rowdy, start fights, and take them outside. If they're slow to step outside, Kalyva will take down her iron mace, and convince them to reconsider.


Kalyva hySoküm - Kalyva's Tavern - is locally known as The Grinning Skull, a nickname referencing the wooden relief of a cracked skull carved on the door. The business is popular with the rowdier crowd than the typical uptown establishments. It caters to the working class, dockworkers, teamsters, and fishermen. Despite the rough crowd, fights are taken outside, at the insistence of the tavern's owner.


Kemp Hyläböm, Kythus
Kalyva hySoküm is located in the lower quarter of Kemp Hyläböm, near the docks and warehouses.

Services Provided

Kalyva keeps a reasonable selection of local beers and ales on hand. She also has some wine, and cider for those with a more refined palette.
A variety of smoked meats, fish, cheese, bread, and local seasonal fruit is available. The kitchen also keeps a kettle of soup, stew, or chowder warming for those wishing a hot meal.


The owner Kalyva is a stout female dwarf (little person) with a well deserved reputation of being the best brawler on staff. She is quite proficient with the iron mace she keeps on a hook behind the bar.
The tavern's cook procures food supplies, and makes most of the meals served in house.


The carved skull was added to the door after Kalyva demonstrated her proficiency with the mace one night during the first few weeks of opening. It was an anonymous donation, nailed up in the middle of the night. Some suspect it is the work of a local furniture carver, and might have been an act of contrition for starting the brawl in the first place. Kalyva loved it, and decided to keep it as the tavern's sign ever since.


The tavern has a few regulars customers who can be found drinking at the establishment most nights.
Ädwena (apprentice bard)
Nölna (apprentice carpenter)


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