Welukon Ihestaif Agi

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Welukon Ihestaif Agi - The Grand Temple
Other Names
Place of Worship
To Waejirans only one temple to their many gods qualifies as 'Welukon Ihestaif Agi'. In Waejiradur a massive temple dedicated to Silat marks the center of their religion. The central dome of the temple is a smooth glass hemisphere with a diameter of fifteen metres. The inmost chambers of the temple are only reachable across a moat of rock salt and broken glass representative of the great salt flats that guard Siladun.
Interior chambers of the temple boast a wide variety of religiously inspired frescoes, mosaics, and statuary, which generally follows the themes of creation, and return after death. Specific imagery depicts the birthing of each god which Silat is said to be the mother of, most importantly the first generation Dailor (Air), Neithur (Spirit), Saedeia (Water), Qeinor (Earth), Vorsha (Metal), and Shaelar (Fire).


Waejiradur, Waejir


The dome is a single piece, and is said to have been transported to the temple site from the fabled ruins of Siladun the earthly home of Silat is the Mother Goddess. The temple has stood for near fifteen centuries.


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