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In old Krolar, the King of Galweelg, a minor nation, has his throne mounted on the back of a drongar. The great armoured reptilian beast spends most of its days asleep in the royal court, but when the King requires, it is prodded into walking so that he might tour about his hold, and parade through the streets atop the fearsome throne. Many consider the royal seat to be ridiculously ostentatious, but would never voice such opinion in a way that would get back to the king, lest he order them fed to the carnivorous mount.


The throne itself is ornately carved from a single piece of century oak, and cushioned with padded leather which is dyed a deep forest green. The carvings resemble a single grove of trees, with leaves and branches supporting the seat of the throne, and more taller trees forming the arms and raised back support. Among the carved relief of the trees various depictions of local fauna can be seen cavorting in the woods. Birds grace some of the trees upper branches.


The throne is mounted on a large mobile carnivorous animal, as such it can move about, and provides a level of protection against some physical threats.


Galweeg, Krolar


King of Galweeg


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