Veil of Rok'n

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Red, and gold, and green, and blue,

Into the night, up they flew.

Candles lit with faith they burn,

Bringing truths to souls that yearn.

Rok'n shared all he could tell,

Until at last death's veil fell.

- Aralian children's rhyme


Other Names
Rok'n K'naol (Aralia), Mass of Rok'n
In Aralia the winter solstice falls on the 9th of Tar-Nule, and is marked as the Veil of Rok'n. Followers of Peolu hold a sombre religious High Mass marking the death of Saint Rok'n, held at sundown in the church followed by a much more jovial celebratory feast.


Mass of Saint Rok'n
A sombre ceremony held in the churches of Peolu and Ryla marking the death of Saint Rok'n. Following a litany of the life of Saint Rok'n prayers to the goddess for divine guidance and help in following his example are given.


Lantern Launch
Colourful paper balloon lanterns prepared especially for this evening are launched skyward rising from the heat of small candles in recognition of Saint Rok'n having carried the light of the Goddess into the wilderness and bringing her truth to the people of the region.
Feast of Saint Rok'n
A large multi-course feast is held long into the night. This is a time to welcome strangers into one's home to share of the bounty and blessings of the Goddess.



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