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For Entorais there are three overarching timelines, which occur in sequence, starting off quite vague and getting more detailed and accurate as one approaches the canon year for Entorais.
One can account for these vagaries with low fantasy medieval record keeping technology, and revisionist history going to the victor style accounts.
Often no one will know the whole truth to some events, allowing for contradictory accounts which are mostly immaterial to the current state of the world. What matters more is what the people alive today think happened in the past.

Mythic Time

A mythic timeline based on the arrival of the Ark. Spans approximately 3500-5500 years. Not much is recorded in the way of discrete events. Lots of proximal eras or ages.
In canon the arrival date of humankind (or rather the second arrival of humans aboard The Ark); Year of the Ark, YofA, or YA. The Ark Event is buried in the mists of time, predating the God Wars. Only oral records exist, and only in the form of ancient stories and myth. So no one currently counts from that moment.
The timelines get more sparse and vague as one goes back, to the extent that there is a 3-5000 year span following the time of the mythic God Wars. The two millennium margin of error is reflective of the fact that no written records exist, but for all anyone actually knows none of the myths are true down to the minutest detail.

Events from Mythic Time

The following list contains generally accepted mythic events in the most probable order. The time between these events is unknowable.

Historic Time

Events and periods of history that are still referenced as true historical events, but the exact details or dates are not consistently recorded. This period is an overlapping bridge between both the mythic timeline and contemporary time.
The last 1500 years or so have some surviving records, and there exists at least one person whom can personally account for his direct experiences of the last 900+ years.

Historic Events

The following list contains events which are considered to be true, but records are mixed or missing so the exact timings are speculative.
  • ~1 YG - The first visitation by The Twinned Goddess
  • ~ 500 YG - Year of the Goddess adopted as a timekeeping standard

Contemporary Times

Events and periods of history for which reliable oral and/or written records exist. Events recorded in this period of history are considered factual even if biased.
Local custom in most nations is to account for the year by reign of monarch and dynasty as appropriate within each nation. For example "The fourth year of the reign of Üprewyna Duncana II" in Kythus, which happens to be 802 YG.

Year of the Goddess

Accounting for the passing years by Year of the Goddess is based on the foundation of the Theocracy of Quzonia and the beginnings of widespread Goddess worship. Canon current to 802 YG.
In Twinned Goddess worshipping cultures a Before Goddess/Year of Goddess (BG/YG) convention is used.

Waejiran Reckoning

Accounting that uses Wejiran Reckoning is based on the formation of the empire from the Seven Cities. Since Waejir has a had a single dynasty ruling the empire since its inception they do not use a the monarch's reign to account for the years. Cannon current to 1257 WR.

Contemporary Events

The following list contains events on a global scale. For specific timelines of events within each nation or culture see the specific nation or culture articles.

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