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A class of cryptid believed to exist in uncivilized areas of Entorais that are highly aggressive and territorial.
Common Names
Troll, Äsü (Layor), Pësodwaflärë (Kythus)


136-340 kilograms (300-750 pounds), 2-3 metres (6 feet - 10 feet)
Generally described as giants similar to treahni in form, but with overly muscled upper bodies, long powerful arms, hairless, with thick leathery or stony skins. They move about in a quadruped manner knuckle-walking with their hands.
A few variants exist, adapted to the environments in which they most commonly dwell.


Arctic to Tropical, Varies with sub-species
Omnivores, Trolls are believed to eat a variety of foods, from local plants to small or large game animals. They may even turn a treahni into a meal if they find one.


Social grouping
Usually solitary, although some are believed to form large mobs during the winter season.
Generally aggressive, and highly territorial.
Animal, Some will use rocks or tree limbs as simple weapons or tools.
The reproductive nature of these creatures is unknown. Some believe they are spawned deep underground and only rise to the surface as adults. Their juvenile forms if any are unknown.



In the northern regions of tundra and icy wastes the Layor and Kronar describe large creatures with hard rock-like skin and brutish features, that move about in a quadruped stance but are capable of standing upright like a Treahni. These rock trolls are believed to only move about at night, and will attack any treahni they find in their territory. By day they hibernate beneath the soil or snow, and any caught above ground in sunlight are permanently turned to stone. This belief is tied to the Äsüzÿsk found throughout Layor. During winter, the months of long nights these creatures are able to stay awake for long periods and will migrate and congregate in large numbers. It is rumoured that entire villages have been overrun by these monstrous beings during the darkest of winter nights.

Bog Trolls

In more temperate climates a troll variant partial to wetland bogs and swamps is said reside in wild spaces. These beasts can move about freely on land and in water. Said to have large maws filled with tusk-like teeth, black or dark green rubbery hides with warty pebbly patches across their shoulders and backs, and webbed hands and feet. They are described as leaner in form, but still possess the bulky long-armed appearance of most trolls.


Named forestlurker for their camouflage and ambush hunting behaviour, these creatures exist in deeper parts of the fog shrouded forest. Given their grey-brown colouration, rough bark-like hides, and mossy growths in patches across their shoulders and backs, they are often mistaken for large stumps or boulders by the unwary. These beasts are no less aggressive, but will wait to ambush interlopers of their territory.


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