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Traztinaen - Nae's Year is synchronized to the silver moon and is the main calendar used in Waejir.
It is composed of twelve months each synchronized to the phase cycle of the silver moon.
Each month begins on the new moon, and the year begins just before the vernal equinox.

Month Names

  1. Trejeiuk - Green-Month
  2. Pioiuk - Flower-Month
  3. Stidiupt - Warming
  1. Tatievanei - Long-Days
  2. Riaptiuk - Lightning-Month
  3. Fraipipt - Cooling
  1. Aicekiuk - Bird-Month
  2. Alodiuk - Fruit-Month
  3. Neitipt - Rotting
  1. Prenevanei - Short-Days
  2. Siuniuk - Ice-Month
  3. Uleliuk - Water-Month

Key Dates

Celestial Dates

1st of the 1st Month
New Year
9th of the 1st Month
Spring Equinox
9th of the 4th Month
Summer Solstice
9th of the 7th Month
Autumnal Equinox
9th of the 10th Month
Winter Solstice

Holy Dates

1st of the First Month
Qeisar's Night - On the night of the new year Waejirans mark the journey of Qeisar having completed a full years cycle a new year begins with the dawn, and Qeisar trudges onward turning the seasons with a quickened pace.
16th of the First Month
Qeinor's Day - This day marks the beginning of spring plowing and planting, and is dedicated to Qeinor, the god of Earth and Agriculture.
1st of the 2nd Month
Baithur's Day - The flowers of spring are in full bloom, and wysps buzz about spreading pollen and gathering sweet nectar. Baithur, the god of Love and Sexuality, is at his prime, and men wishing to marry often make proposals on this day.
16th of the 2nd Month
Laina's Day - Spring is the time of joy and celebration for young lovers therefore this day is dedicated to Laina. Devotees will make declarations of love and friendship.
1st of the 3rd Month
Aesat's Day - The spring flowers fade, but summer flowers burst forth to beautify the world. Those proposed to on Baithur's day will give an official response after the month of courting on this day dedicated to Aesat.
16th of the 3rd Month
Baileia's Day - The mud and rain of spring subsides enough for Waejirans to travel, and those so inclined spend the day dedicated to Baileia. Mending of shoes, carts, and wagons is a common occurrence on this day.
1st of the 4th Month
Kaithur's Day - Kaithurs' Day marks the beginning of the caravan season. Traders and merchants celebrate the opening of trade routes and prepare to move goods about the empire in earnest.
16th of the 4th Month
Sidaeleia's Day - Sidaeleia, the goddess of daytime and light, is celebrated during the clear sunny days of summer. Early spring crops begin to produce and it is a time for joy.
1st of the 5th Month
Shaelar's Day - The hottest days of the year are a time to recognize Shaelar, the god of fire.
16th of the 5th Month
Cothur's Day - Late summer rains are the work of Cothur. Waejirans pray for a good season with enough rain to grow bountiful crops, and to avoid damaging storms.
1st of the 6th Month
Qeisar's Day - At the end of summer Waejirans mark the journey of Qeisar, having completed a half cycle of the year. Qeisar's pace begins to slow and the days get shorter, while the nights get longer.
16th of the 6th Month
Thanor's Day - Thanor, the god of forges, is hard at work. So too are his devotees crafting or mending tools for the coming harvest.
1st of the 7th Month
Haesur's Day - The thief of time is remembered on this day. Waejirans wishing to make amends and give up on past grudges or reinvent themselves will usually make pledges to Haesur , and not speak of the matters again.
16th of the 7th Month
Qaela's Night - As the days begin to give way to nights, the Daughter of Dusk gains strength. This is a night spent indoors by most, but devotees of Qaela will venture forth and the first whispers of conspiracies begin on this holy night.
1st of the 8th Month
Silat's Day - The fruit is becoming ripe, the vines are full of grapes, and the harvest is nearly upon the world. This day celebrates joys of motherhood and the Silat whom gave birth to all things.
16th of the 8th Month
Qeinor's Night - This night marks the beginning of the harvest season, and Waejirans celebrate their annual bounty in feasts of thanks to Qeinor, before getting to work gathering the fruits of their labours.
1st of the 9th Month
Neithur's Day - As the leaves turn and the cold month's approach, one is reminded of their mortality. Neithur, the God of the Dead, who guides souls back to Silat, is celebrated and families will gather to remember their departed loved ones.
16th of the 9th Month
Theila's Night - The huntress' moon is the time for hunting wild game to fill larders for the winter to come. Theila the huntress is celebrated and prayers are given for a successful season.
1st of the 10th Month
Vorsha's Day - As the longest night of the year approaches, Waejirans gather to celebrate Vorsha, the Mistress of Mysteries. Games, puzzles, and riddles challenge the intellect of participants with prizes or presents being exchanged for those who defeat them.
16th of the 10th Month
Kaithur's Night - The winter weather will soon make travel difficult, and so this night marks the end of the caravan season. Annual taxes are collected on the day following Kaithur's night, during which one can assess their fortunes.
1st of the 11th Month
Dailor's Day - The cold and windy winter is the time to give reverence to Dailor, god of the air. Waejirans will fly kites and burn coloured smoking incense to celebrate.
16th of the 11th Month
Silat's Night - As Silat reclaims the souls of the dead, those who have lost or given a newborn to Silat will mark this night in quiet reflection. The burdens of motherhood are also respected on this night.
1st of the 12th Month
Saedeia's Day - The winter snows melt, rivers and creeks fill with water, and the might of Saedeia is apparent upon the world. Waejirans celebrate the return of fish to the rivers, and pray for a succour from flooding.
16th of the 12th Month
Raitha's Day - The spring is nearly upon the wolrd, and beasts of all sorts are birthing their young. The lambing season is a time to celebrate Raitha and the domestication of beasts for all Waejirans.
Double full moon
Balfagor's Night - A celebration outside of the annual calendar which occurs whenever both moons are full together over a three night period. Celebrants beseach Balfagor for dreams and visions of their future during this time. It is also a time for the wayward dead to be gathered by Neithur.


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