Titan of Corvaise

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Aj'na s'cool Corvaise - Titan of Corvaise
Other Names
Statue / Lighthouse
A great bronze figure in archaic armour holding aloft a copper and basalt bowl in which fires are kept continuously burning. It is located on a hill overlooking the harbour and acts as a beacon guiding ships safely to port in fog, or at night.
The total height is about 65 metres (216 feet), of which 35 metres are the bronze figure itself. The remainder is a wide hexagonal base tower built from stone bricks. The statue is hollow with a series of ladders platforms and stairs inside.


Corvaise, Aralia


The size and design of such an artistic and impractical lighthouse is a testament to the wealth of Aralia. It essentially advertises the amount of wealth traversing the port to would be traders, calling out to ships laden with goods, offering a safe haven and market in one. According to local legend the very hill upon which this great statue stands is the site where the titan Corva gathered fire from the sun in a great copper and basalt bowl to provide heat and light to the early settlers of the region.
The fires in the bowl are kept burning by the Keepers of the Flame, a sect of the church of Ryla. Lower temple members and other devotees do this as part of their regular duties. It is seen as honest and pious labour. The concept of titans is not generally accepted in the religion, and the statue predates the Twinned Goddess religion by a few centuries, making it more than a thousand years old. It is likely that a local religion was absorbed into the faith, and adapted their beliefs and practices to align with the teachings of the church. The fire tenders haul coal, charcoal, and wood to feed the fire bowl regularly. Ashes from the fire fall through grates in the bowl's bottom and are collected as a resource for lye soap-making and other applications.


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