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The hideous cursed man-beasts? Anyone who ritually enganges in perversions with the infernal and wild beasts deserves the curse. And it is the duty of all Goddess fearing men and women to hunt down such monsters and end their depredation upon the devout. - Nelna, Laymember of the Church of Ryla.


Other Names
Therianthropes, Shifters, Werebeasts
There is much fear and superstition surrounding the phenomena of shape-shifters. The truth behind how one can become a therianthrope and how the treahni to beast conversion happens is largely unknown except to those afflicted. Even those who are afflicted generally do not survive long enough to understand their condition or how to control it.
Individuals suffering from the curse of therianthropy exist in two states, treahni and animal. They are capable of shifting between these two forms at will, and may shift involuntarily when under duress. The more time a person spends in the animal form, they more their personality adapts to the animal nature. Individuals may cease to engage in normal behaviour entirely if they survive long enough.
It is commonly believed that the curse spreads through the bite of a therianthrope, and anyone bitten will themselves become a monster under the next full moon. It is also believed that weapons of pure silver are the only means by which these beasts can be permanently slain.
Typically the animal forms of these creatures manifest as larger predatory carnivores, but strange cases exist in which the animal form is more benign.


Therianthropes are capable of healing at an accelerated rate in either form. While not instantaneous, their natural body heals at a rate five times faster than ordinary creatures, usually without scaring, and some regrowth of severed appendages has been reported.
The ability to shift between forms begins as a dormant psionic talent, capable of passive triggering during times of acute stress. This ability takes years develop finer control and most are slain long before reaching any state of balance. While in beast form the cursed individual's personality and mind is somewhat suppressed, less so the longer one has been a shifter. The change is painful, relatively slow, and awkward as the body contorts and rearranges.
The disease may be spread through any mixing of body fluids (blood, saliva, etc.) between the victim and the therianthrope in any form (human, animal or hybrid). If one succumbs to the illness instead of dying they gain the ability to transform between beast and treahni form. The curse may also be inherited genetically from either parent, remaining dormant until puberty. An animal infected by a treahni therianthrope can develop the same disease and switch from their natural form to treahni. The secondary form is always the natural form of the source if the species (victim and therianthrope) are different, and the alternate form if the species are the same.



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