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Soulstones are extremely rare, even legendary, objects. The general consensus among scholars of the arcane is that these contain the soul of a demon, d'jinn, angel or similar powerful supernatural entity.


They take the form of crystalline, fist-sized, orbs of a translucent material that resists all attempts to cut, scratch or crack them. A swirling, shifting nebula of iridescent smoke is visible beneath the surface.


These orbs contain a sapient mind of unknown origin, which is capable of communicating via a telepathic link with other sentient creatures. Many are completely mad for having spent millennia alone with naught but their own thoughts. The wealth of knowledge contained by these trapped souls is beyond measure. The only factor holding them in check is an internalized prohibition to refrain from impersonating gods to less knowledgeable beings.


Very few of these artifacts a known to more than their owners, a few more famous ones are:


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