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A soul twin is when two or more personalities share the same body. These multiple personalities are sometimes aware of each other, may share memories and knowledge, but switch control over the physical body periodically. These switches can be triggered by stressful situations, or seemingly at random.


There are many differing opinions on the origins and nature of these twins. Cultural and religious factors dictate which belief is common in which areas.


Some believe that soul twins occur when a child is born, but was supposed to be twins; conjoined twins are explained similarly where the bodies of twins are partly merged. In this belief the stronger of the twins is considered to have consumed the weaker twins body, but was unable to completely destroy their sibling, who remains dormant until they are strong enough to wrest control from their more dominant twin.


Cultures which believe souls are portioned out by some deity see souls twins as accidents where the allotment of souls exceeds the number of fetuses available, and therefore they are forced to share a single body. Usually the stronger personality is dominant until a time of sufficient stress where their control weakens and the other soul takes control. In this belief the new personality was dormant, yet aware throughout that person's life up until they emerge.

Past lives

Some cultures believe these twins are echoes from past lives which the original soul experienced. While not truly separate spirit-beings, they seem that way based on their experiences in the past. To followers of this belief the switch between personalities occurs when circumstances are similar enough to a past life experience to draw upon the distant echoes of their former lifetime.


Some people believe that the second soul is a ghost or demon possessing the original hosts body, and suppressing or forcing out the host soul. In such cases the new personality is a foreign spirit and needs to be driven out to safely return the body to the owner's control. These possessing spirits are particularly clever and will use their knowledge of the host to avoid being exorcised. Often the bond created from the possession is strong enough that the spirit will return to possess the victim again and again.


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