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Ships are crafted from wooden planks and beams, with cargo stowed below the main deck above a lower bilge/ballast deck. Most have two or three masts with one or two sails each; Sails are typically square or lanteen rigged, although on smaller single masted fishing boats a more modern triangular sail made be used.


Each culture or nation that has coastal territory will have some form of navy; both military and merchant.

Ship Designs by Nation

Most ships are fairly similar in design, though there are some preferences in design that vary by nation:


Vessels are usually longer by half and a bit shallower of draft, with two or three masts, at least one sail of each type. They are significantly faster, but less manoeuvrable in close quarters.



Usually have two masts, and square rigged sails.




Long and wide single masted galleys with square rigged sails. Usually with a single deck.


A hybrid galley/square rigged design.


Favour a single mast with a lanteen (triangular) sail, tend to be slower, but are shorter of beam, so can turn more tightly.


Mostly galleys with reverse lanteen or square sails.


All ships are custom built to order at a shipyard and constructed over months or years under the guidance of a master ship builder, whom usually belongs to the guild of shipwrights. Ship designs vary from builder to builder with some national trends. Since they are not mass produced each vessel is a unique creation, and may have differing elements of design, both foreign and domestic, included in its construction.

Shipyards of Note

Named Vessels


Ak'har Salo (captain)
Bastaan Dar Ming (pilot)
Byron Maako (master shipwright)
I'tek Solus (former sailor)
Kolm Dar-Ukys (pirate captain)
Neispizeist (captain)
Tavon Denish (first mate)
Tomas (first mate)
Trisios (sea hunter)
Wys (sailor)


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