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The Seven Moons circus troupe travels throughout Tabras and Aralia providing entertainment at fairs, festivals, and the courts of wealthy patrons. The troupes banner features a smiling juggler dressed in silver and scarlet, with 7 moons (one of each phase) depicted in silver with scarlet shadow (waxing crescent, waxing half, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, waning half, waning crescent).


Behir Rawetnebe
767 YG
The troupe was born about thirty five years ago, when the founder was ordered to leave the town of Fafa-Hie, after some local townsfolk voiced concern that real magic was being performed on stage. Rather than arrest the lead act and anger some of his reputable patrons, the captain of the watch told them to leave town, and not to return for seven moons. Thus the travelling circus found a name and was formed by two magicians and a few musicians.
The troupe has grown significantly since those early days. Behir will actively recruit new acts to replace retirees, or other losses suffered through the years. They also pick up strays and runaways from time to time, who travel with them for a while, either working as teamsters and labourers, or onstage if they show some talent. The exact mix of members and acts varies from time to time, but a few core acts have remained part of the show since its founding.
Due to their frequent travels between nations most of the troupe know both the Aralian and Tabrani languages, as well as the trade tongue Tabral. When travelling, the troupe often pairs up with merchant caravans for mutual protection. and even engage in a little trading themselves to help pay their for their food and upkeep when not performing shows. Behir and Callo both maintain standing membership in the mercantylers guild to avoid legal complications from such activities.


Acts include plays, acrobats, contortionists, magicians, fools and musicians.


A number of the primary acts in the show are performances by legit sorcerers and psychics. They have become skilled at hiding their real magic behind cheap theatrics, and props, but to people with similar talents the ruse is easily seen through. Behir uses these moments to make contact with other magic users, to act as a messenger between different towns and cities passing news, and secrets with equal care. His troupe has provided a safe route out of town for more than one fugitive wanted for the crime of performing magic. Behir and Callo get plentiful humour out of flaunting real magic in the face of the church, while pretending it is all an act.


The troupe also boast a menagerie of exotic beasts, freaks, oddities. Some of these perform tricks on stage, while others are on display inside wagons, or tents which charge admission to see the wonders inside.


The roster of performers and associates changes frequently, but there are notable persons who have been part of the troupe for a long time.
Behir Rawetnebe - Headman, and Stage Magician (mentalist)
Callo - Stage Magician (pyromancer/alchemist)
Kio Petif - Stage Magician (sleight of hand artist)
Robar - Musician (flutist)


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