Rylan Pontiff's Staff

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The staff was crafted in 239 YG to house a soulstone, which is of unknown origin and without historical reference prior to the commissioning of the staff. This particular stone, and the staff it adorns are the property of the Rylan Church, and an important symbol of the church's authority over spiritual affairs, thus it is carried by the highest mortal position within the faith, and considered a holy relic. It has remained with the line of pontiffs for 563 years.


A staff with an iron shaft and gold wrappings in the shape of a sunflower with a soulstone at the head.


The staff and stone are reputed to possess powers which are available to anyone of sufficient piety that holds the staff. Some of these are:
  • The ability to discern truth from lies and is alerted to even the slightest effort at deception by those speaking in its presence.
  • The stone's occupant is said to speak silently to the staff's holder in riddles and metaphor bestowing divine guidance.
  • The staff and stone are seemingly immune to the ravages of time and other physical attempts to damage or separate them.


Pianara, Tabras carried by Nypir Tevo, the Pontiff of the Church of Ryla


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