Redsteel Swords

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These swords are restricted to the exclusive use of the High Nobility of Waejir and the elite soldiers that form their guard. The only place such blades are crafted is in the Waejiran town of Thanoradur, a mining and industrial town in the Western foothills. The blades are roughly a metre in length with a dipped curved portion at the forward quarter of their length.


Made from a rare alloy of iron and other elements, they have a distinct blood red lustre to the steel of their blades. They are all the same basic design as a Waejiran officer's sword, with a blade approximately 1.5 meters in length and the final third being a shallow curve approximately 1/3rd of a circular arc and diverges and returns in such a way that the tip of the sword is in line with the straight portion of the blade.


It is said that the red colour comes from the blood of the God of Forges, Thanor. The material is remarkable strong yet flexible, making these swords superior in quality to similar blades of regular steel; they are nearly unbreakable in ordinary circumstances, as well they keep a sharp edge longer than ordinary blades.


Every member of the high noble's elite guard is equipped with one of these blades, and should any fall in battle, recovering the sword is of high priority.



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