Peace Daggers

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The Peace Daggers
Each year Iskander receives a token tribute from Krolar, a small silver dagger with a broken blade, delivered in two separate parts. This tribute symbolically recognizes and affirms the Krolaryn desire to maintain peaceful ties with their former colony. This giving of tribute occurs on the 23rd of Nule-ka (3rd Summer month), the anniversary of the day Krolar recognized Iskander as an independent state and signed a peace agreement. The peace has held for 526 years.
According to legend, the first such dagger was the very blade used to assassinate Lord Chancellor Emlof, the Krolaryn Governor of the colony. An act which sparked the war.


The design, and decoration of these daggers varies widely from very simple blades with a leather wrapped hilt, to elaborate ivory handled ones with inlays of gold or copper, and some even sporting precious stones. All were fully crafted and once functional blades that were snapped into two or more pieces.


It is believed that any accord sworn in the presence of these blades will never broken by violence, and will hold until dissolved by mutual peaceable agreement.


A growing collection of 527 such daggers is kept in a vault beneath the Khur's Palace in Li Khur Hiem, on Khur Hiem. They are consider national treasures, and under constant guard.
The hall of daggers is not open to the public, but one could be given a chance to view them if one was politically important enough to warrant such.


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