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Neitlumar, or The Hungry Dead, are animated corpses. The animus is a false soul which infects as if it were a disease if tissue contact enters the victims blood stream via a bite or other means. Those whom succumb to the disease reanimate a short time later, suffering an insatiable hunger for the flesh of the living.


Neitlumar appear as corpses in varying stages of decomposition, and are exceptionally aggressive when they encounter living creatures, attempting the bite, claw and tear at their flesh.


Neitlumar show limited concern for their physical safety. They do not suffer pain or fatigue, ignore blood loss, and may ignore shock from severe injuries; They may still be 'killed' in combat by blows that would prove fatal to a living creature, and may be hampered physically by the injuries they do sustain, or from decomposition over time.
Neitlumar suffer from continuous decomposition, which manifests as a slow rotting, and sloughing off tissue. Left unchecked this can lead to entire limbs falling away, and a lack of body integrity which will eventually destroy the neitlumar. This disease can infect other living creatures through contact with their blood, usually via bites, or other injuries resulting in open wounds. Once infected a victim that succumbs to the disease will rise as a newly formed neitlumar within half an hour after dying.
In many cultures, most living mortals have an ingrained fear of animated corpses, because the dead should remain as such. Where such prejudice exists, neitlumar have the innate ability to strike terror into those who view them. Anyone viewing such an entity and aware of its undead nature may flee or be frozen in terror.
Neitlumar can restore their damaged tissue, regenerating magically through the consumption of living flesh. Healing occurs of a period of a few hours post meal, and the bigger the feast the more their body regenerates.


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