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In the high temple dedicated to Mintaka upon an obsidian pedestal, rests a blade carved from the fang of Drakymeir "the Azure Wrath", chiefest of the desert dragons. This dagger is purported to have been used in a thousand assassinations, each sacrificed in the service to the goddess, that her glory may be restored. - Unknown


Mintaka is said to be a minor goddess who does not belong to any particular pantheon or world religion, and is worshipped by some undefined assassin cult. The purpose of this group and their objectives remain unknown, but they seem to be intentionally shaping the world order through elimination of important individuals without making any statements of intent or reason behind the killings. Some think she is an alternate form or aspect of the Waejiran Goddess Qaela, the Daughter of Dusk, who is the patroness of thieves and conspirators.
The facts are such that this death cult may not even exist. Small, and often short lived, groups attach themselves to the legend, and act in ways that align with the stories and myths, lending credence to the conspiracy, without revealing any new truths all the while obscuring the matter further. It is even possible that the two figures are connected in some manner, which has yet to be discovered.



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