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Within the Empire of Waejir the network of fences, smugglers, and thieves is called the Low Market. This market isn't concentrated in one place, nor is there a specific code of conduct beyond mutual self-interest of continued profits. All major urban centres have some sort of grey market. Organized crime is generally only extant in the largest cities, and black markets are almost non-existent, as very little is outright illegal to sell or buy in most places.
Many of the products one might find for sale in the Low Market are previously owned, and now for sale without the original owner's consent, or knowledge. One can find oddities that would cause a stir if sold or advertised in a public manner, and many things to satisfy unusual tastes or socially unacceptable perversions.
The unsanctioned breeding of Vocanei outside of the Breeders Guild, sale of certain deadly poisons, or exceptional drugs would be hard to find outside of the Low Market. If one were looking to hire persons for some criminal enterprise, or other illegal activities, having contacts in the Low Market would be recommended, as no one would be openly hiring themselves out for such jobs.


Daegtios (fence)
Grikarus (assassin)
Jiaras (burglar)
Saela Drepae (bounty hunter)
Taeus (smuggler)
Vocias (retired pit-fighter)


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