Goc hyVremä

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Other Names
Goc hyVremä - Band of Five (Kythus)
Mercenary Company
This band is primarily based out of freetown of Arketh, Kythus.
A band of Kythan noblemen whom formed a mercenary troop. The group membership has grown, and varies, but the name remains in recognition of its five founders. Since their founding the group has grown to over one hundred members with a ratio of one noble knight officer for every nine common soldiers. They are all horsemen, armed in plate for the officers and chain mail for the common soldiers. Weapons vary, but a lance and shield, sword and mace are popular. At least one currently serving knight of the order prefers to fight with a hammer.
The standard of the fighting order is a semicircle of five silver swords pointing towards a copper cup on a divided field of blue over dark green.


Goc hyVremä is a mercenary group which was originally formed in 735 YG by five landless knights from Kythus whom wished to make a name for themselves.
In the 67 years that the order has been employed throughout Kythus fighting on behalf of different Wymü in minor territorial and other disputes. They have earned a reputation for being a well coordinated unit, and were instrumental in ending the Siege of Tënas Pelabyger in 780 YG.



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