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Common Names
Dragons are mythic flying, fire-breathing beasts of great size and power. They are exceptionally intelligent, and aside from their rarity, very little else is known about their habits and abilities. Fortunately for everyone, dragons are reclusive, and seem to prefer solitude, even over the company of their own kind. It is very unlikely that one would ever see a real dragon, as they have a very low global population.


Dragons vary greatly in size, but seem to keep growing throughout their lives. At hatching they are approximately two metres (6 feet) in length, with a equivalent wingspan. Their bodies are lean and muscular weighing about 45 kilograms (100 pounds) at hatching.
Heavy scaled hexapodal lizards, with long necks, and tails. They have a quadruped stance, with their middle limb pair being large chiropter wings capable of flight despite their apparent mass and size.
Sexual dimorphism
Theere is no notable differences between the sexes of dragons.
Dragons do not have subspecies in the same manner as other fauna. Each individual is a unique specimen and treated as such. Colour, patterns, and body features, such as horns, spikes, or frills are varied.
The typical lifespan of dragons is unknown. Some are believed to exceed several centuries years based on recurring encounters with known dragons.


Dragons generally make their homes in remote areas far from other sapient species populations.
Carnivorous, active hunters covering a very large range in their depredations. Typically they eat larger game animals, although some have been reported feeding on schools of fish or other marine animals.


Social Grouping
Solitary, other than a mother with young.
Dragons are so rarely encountered, that it is impossible to generalize their temperament, however most encounters have resulted in violence from one or both parties.
Dragons are sapient, highly intelligent, and capable of learning the languages of other sapient peoples. Dragons are capable of holding much more information in their working memory, and therefore can work through much more complex problems than a typical human. Some have even mastered multi-threaded cognition. Coupled with a deep centuries old long term memory, their intelligence makes them quite formidable. Dragon kind have a understanding of the universe that is well beyond the rest of the sentient races' world views, philosophies, or scholarly studies.
Dragons mate infrequently, and produce small clutches of no more than six eggs. Brooding lasts up to 6 years, and the hatchlings are raised for another decade or more by their mother alone.


All dragons are capable of producing jets of a sticky combustible liquid, which is spit upon prey or attackers. This substance clings to the target and bursts into flames upon exposure to air.
Some dragons are capable sorcerers.
All dragons have some psionic talents.

Known Dragons

A few dragons are known through local legends in regions near their territory. The stories told about them cover a wide range from brief glimpses to deadly encounters resulting in death and carnage.
Drakymeir the Azure Wrath
Movoidis the Black

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