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It has been speculated by some scholars of the arcane that the phenomena of Dark Tulpas is related to psionics and might arise out of the unconscious frustration of repeated failures to use their powers effectively.
Others argue that everyone has a dark side to their personality which feeds off the corrupting influence of power. They claim that such powers cause a twisting of the user's mind and soul towards selfishness, sociopathy, or total madness.


Psionic powers have a draw back that pulls the user toward selfish and dark actions. Essentially there is a hidden power, unknowingly possessed by every psychic, which gains strength by feeding off the frustration and anguish, whenever the psychic fails to successfully use their talents. For some this manifests as voice in their head telling them to do bad things. Others might hallucinate a separate entity which instructs them in giving into their darker thoughts and desires.
When opportunities to take selfish actions arise, this hidden power can trigger forcing the victim to make a more selfish choice. When they are asleep the power may cause them to sleep walk and engage in aberrant behaviour. At its fullest this power can physically manifest an evil twin of the psychic, who then goes out into the world, and acts out all the darker urges within the original psychic's mind.

Dark Tulpa

These manifested evil twins are real people in all respects, they possess all the same knowledge and abilities as their parent, and are an exact clone of the original. Only the personality differs; being shades darker in their morality. This spawning always happens when the the psychic is fast asleep, and unless the twin does something to awaken or alert the sleeper, they will remain unaware of the event. Their darker urges however are gone, and the process starts fresh slowly building power behind the scenes.


Dark Tulpas, being in possession of psionic powers themselves, may suffer the effects of Urge. Presuming they survive long enough they may even spawn dark tulpas of their own with even worse morality.



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