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Snowy Daegt - "Sebastian Romu" © 2019


Daegt are long bodied nocturnal predators with long smooth nearly hairless tails.
Common Names
Daegt (Waejir), Fox-Rat, Tyas (Kythus)


The average adult weighs about 30 kg (66 pounds), stands about 75 cm (30 inches) at the shoulder, and measures nearly 2 meters (80 inches) in length nose to tail.
Long bodied with short legs. large triangular ears, long pointed snout, with pronounced whiskers, and a long rough skinned, nearly hairless tail.
Sexual dimorphism
Very little variation between the sexes other than sex organs.
Sub-species of Daegt are well adapted to differences in terrain and temperate.


Daegt are found in a wide variety of terrains and climates. The various sub-species are adapted to the particular conditions of the regions they frequent.
Scavengers and opportunistic predators. Known for their keen eyesight and excellent sense of smell, these creatures will track small animals to their dens, or nests and attack while the prey is still asleep. They are also capable of digging in mixed or loose soil to unearth burrowed prey with their long broad clawed fore paws.


Social grouping
Daegt are usually found in small family packs of two adults and their 3-4 cubs, although larger groupings have been reported with multiple female adults.
Wary. Daegt tend to be alert to threats, but don't always flee, instead lingering around to possibly obtain scraps from the kills of larger predators.
Clever animal
Mated pairs will produce small litters of 3-4 cubs every spring, which are capable of hunting for them selves by summers end. Daegt reach sexual maturity at about 16 months.


Common Daegt

The common daegt is found in most lightly wooded or grassy areas. Common daegt have a dark sable coloured fur popular as a trim for cold weather clothing.

Desert Daegt

The desert daegt is found both in the Krolaryn Wastes and the rockier areas of the Waejiran Desert. This species has shorter fur ranging from tawny to reddish, rusty colours.

Marsh Daegt

The marsh daegt is found in reedy marshes, and fens throughout Anexea. They tend to dingy brown and grey colours which blend into their environment. Their tails have a flat sided form, and their paws have partial webbing, to assist with swimming.

Snowy Daegt

The snowy daegt is common in northern climes, and alpine regions where it's white fur helps keep it camouflaged during the winter season. During warmer months the snowy daegt develops darker grey and brown patches of fur. The white pelt however are prized for their warmth and colour. The tails of the snowy daegt are shorter and thicker, with a heavy layer of fat to preserve heat in the cold climate.


Daegt are sometimes domesticated for vermin control, or for tracking and hunting of small game.
Fur, Fat (Snowy Daegt)


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