Crown of Tabras

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Tabras has been a nation ruled by the same family for 566 years. During that time the crown has been damaged twice, requiring a new one be cast. The first such event was during the reign of the 4th monarch, Tiow Vylan in 379 YG, when the crown fell from a window ledge and was damaged from hitting hard stones below. The second event, was at the death of the tenth monarch, Ison-Ilyo Vylan in 638 YG, when the crown was struck by a sword and damaged during the assassination of the ruling monarch by an unknown assailant. The newly cast replacement was used for the coronation of Rake-Og Vylan the twin brother of the slain king.


The crown has a wide band of bronze with a square crenellated upper edge, and a tangled leafy vine decoration in relief. Three large emeralds are mounted on the front, and the band itself is padded with soft leather to adjust the fit to the monarch's head.


The crown is symbolic of the right to rule over the Nation of Tabras, but has no other powers attributed to it.


When not worn for ceremonial purposes the crown is keep under guard in the Hall of Crowns at the Royal Castle in Seyp-Qat, Tabras.


Ykel Vylan (seventeenth and current ruling monarch of Tabras)


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