Axe of Ükrosh

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A large hand axe forged from meteoric iron that has been handed down his ancestral line for fourteen generations. In the traditional manner of the Layor, the axe has been decorated with tassels of braided hair and beads made of teeth from several heroic ancestors, all of whom had previously borne the weapon in battle, and the haft was replaced with a new one made from the femur of its first owner inlaid with silver runes and filled with an iron core. The ancient weapon is worn openly as a symbol of the clan's strength, and right to rule. It is used in the oath swearing ceremonies of the Ëchëna's personal house guards.


Similar to other weapons of the Layor, it is believed that those ancestors whose remains have been incorporated into the construction and decoration of the axe will lend some of their renowned capabilities to the wielder, aiding them in times of need.


This weapon is worn openly by Ükrosh, the Ëchëna of Dhukys, a fief of Layor.


Ükrosh (wielder)


Kiss (fifty word fantasy)

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