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Most the the Khurs and Khurians traditionally ruled on a case by case and past precedence basis. Part of Heamid Khur's effort to codify the laws for the Khurholm was to bring more stability and unity to our people. If each hiem retained their own unwritten laws, then we would return to a loose confederation of island states without a cohesive culture or identity. In the centuries after his reign this has had limited success, but the trend is towards more written law, and our legal system is developing beyond the might of the Khur themself. - Willum Dar Cadick, Iskandean, Historian


Ascension Day (Iskander)
7th of Tar-Nule, 447 YG.
Annually on the 7th of Tar-Nule.
Marks the anniversary of the formal adoption of the Laws of Ascension in Iskander. The Iskandean people generally just use it as an excuse to drink. There are pageants and such put on in the villages, but there are not any specific state festivals.

Laws of Ascension

The Laws of Ascension are written laws pertaining to the selection of Iskandean khurs and khurian. Established by Heamid Khur in 447 YG as a result of the Eighteen Years War, in an attempt to prevent further conflict over the crown of Iskander. Under these laws, each Khur is selected by the Khurians from their own ranks, by popular vote. Likewise each Khurian is chosen from amongst the Sheppak of the island. The Sheppak are appointed by the Khurian they serve, and hold title until death (even if the Khurain changes). For all three levels of political title, the heir apparent is no-longer given the title automatically when the former dies, or abdicates. If they wish the title, they must convince their peers or superiors of their worth.


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