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Amaiar is a sword whose name means Uniter. The sword contains a false soul, is capable of using sorcerous magic, and is locked into a singular purpose: to gather a great army.


Uniter is a Waejiran officer's sword, with a blade approximately 1.5 meters in length and the final third being a shallow curve approximately 1/3rd of a circular arc and diverges and returns in such a way that the tip of the sword is in line with the straight portion of the blade. The hilt is protected by a 5 centimetre disc shaped guard, and finished with a golden pommel depicting a snarling Golanei's head.


The sword is rumoured to have been seen on the hip of a ruthless brigand leader whom preys upon caravans crossing the Waejiran desert.
A seeress in Waejir has begun having visions of this sword standing upright in a vast battleground surrounded by the corpses of countless men, horses, and other creatures geared for war.


As an enchanted weapon the sword is practically unbreakable and resistant to corrosion and rust.
The sword's personality is geared towards leadership and conquest. In order to fulfill its purpose, this weapon has the ability to subtly influence the mind of anyone who touches it, and seeks out better warriors with greater ambitions to wield it. It will attract and manipulate the most sociopathic entities it finds in order to have itself wielded by the greatest and most ruthless military commander possible.
One downside to this is any previously influenced person suffers an addiction to having the sword, and will crave owning it again. This encourages attempted betrayals and revenge killings upon the current owner. Which just proves the competence of the victor.
It also has a few sorcerous powers it can employ on behalf of its current owner.
  • The blade can ignite into flame.
  • The blade can instill a sense of awe and wonder in those viewing it wielded in battle or during a rallying speech, boosting the morale of followers and weakening the resolve of those opposing its wielder.


Historically the sword has no name, and is not known by any legends about the blade. Famous leaders and conquerors have carried the blade on campaigns, but the glory of war was theirs, and no one remembers the weapon they held.


Artifact (fifty word fantasy)

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